Alper Tanca

      Hi there, I’m Alper! With over 25 years of experience in business development and entrepreneurship, I’ve had the opportunity to work on international projects. However, my true passion lies in understanding the intricacies of human nature, and I’ve spent the last decade immersing myself in the study of Organic Intelligence, mindfulness, Sufism, and Neurosystemics care.
      I’m proud to have mentored and coached individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, including startups, leaders, and therapists and have designed trainings on how to use ancient wisdom and psychology for resiliency. My goal is to empower individuals to cultivate resilience, innovation, and transformation in their lives, ultimately leading them to discover a greater sense of self.
      I’ve traveled the world to study and train in a variety of embodiment practices, including Neuroscience, Organic Intelligence®, and Sufi Studies (I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in this field). Each practice offers a unique perspective, and the alchemy that occurs when combining them results in a truly holistic and integrated approach to personal growth.
      For me, the creative process is the foundation on which transformation can occur, as it allows us to explore the infinite possibilities that have always existed within us. When individuals discover a sense of belonging within themselves, their world and the world around them can change in profound ways.

      Stephanie Sayegh


      Using my own experiences, my passion is to share with others and facilitate the unfolding of their own light with physical, mental and spiritual movements.

      Through my long and continuous researches, explorations and experimentations, I discovered that movement was the key to a life with true purpose and joy.

      With a nurse background, I am a E-RYT 500 hours certified Yoga Facilitator specialised in Pranayama and a Pilates instructor. Currently based in Marseille since 2017, I am back to France after 24 years of living abroad.

      When only Asanas were in my life before, I started to deepen my journey in the Yoga world in 2007, with my first training in breathing techniques. Inspired by many renowned schools like Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Anusara and recently Embodied Flow advance Training, I am passionate with the powerful transformative practice of Pranayama, which I have studied mainly under the guidance of Sri O. P. Tiwari.

      As a student of Dr. Stanislav Grof, I am going into a deeper exploration of the Human species with Holotropic Breathwork since 2015. I am currently undergoing training in Neurosystemics Care and Organic Intelligence to deepen my understanding of building resilience. My classes are facilitating a well-adapted use of breathing as well as cultivating a physical/mental resiliency. You will gain access to your inner world of inspiration, creativity and love.

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